The power of prayer

The single most powerful thing that you can do to help refugees is to pray for them. Pray for those who are on the journey, for those in the boats, in the prisons, in the cold. Pray for those who have arrived, for a home, for a job, for a friend. Pray for those who have yet to leave for security, for wisdom, for courage.

Imagine what God would do if you were to regularly pray for refugees. How would the world change? How would you change? Would you join us in a spiritual challenge of praying for refugees, for the poor and oppressed? If you have decided to pray with us would you send us a short note to encourage us? It’s good to know that we aren’t praying alone.

If you don’t feel comfortable praying or don’t feel you know how to pray, you are not alone. After listening to Jesus pray, his disciples asked him to teach them how to pray. Interestingly, it’s not recorded that they asked him to teach them how to preach or how to serve. How many of you think that being close enough to hear Jesus pray might make you want a lesson or two? Jesus patiently taught them and he will teach you too, if you ask him. Lord teach us to pray!