What would it look like for you to go?

It may mean that you would go to a different country.
It may also mean that you would go to your community, to your neighbor.
As you look for opportunities you will likely discover that in your community
there are refugees and new arrivals from other cultures that need your love.


Practical ways you can engage with those near you:

  1. Get connected.
    Ask your local church or a community center if they know of any groups working with refugees or migrants in your area. They can also introduce you to people who are looking for help. Ask us about coming to Austria yourself and working alongside us.

  2. Volunteer your skills.
    A friend of mine fixes bikes for free another fixes computers. We have many volunteers who have taught German classes. A doctor in our church volunteered with the Austrian Red Cross to see refugees without insurance. Law students in Salzburg volunteer to offer legal help.

  3. Do a Bible study.
    Jesus said that he had been anointed to proclaim good news to the poor, to proclaim freedom for the prisoners, to heal the blind and to set the oppressed free. Wouldn’t it be great if your small group talked about the poor, prisoners, the blind and the oppressed?

  4. Offer a refugee a room.
    One of the greatest needs we have is housing. In Austria the government provides barrack style housing for asylum seekers, but when they are accepted as refugees they are expected to find their own housing. This means coming up with a deposit and first month rent, sometimes an insurmountable challenge.

  5. Employ refugees.
    Many refugees I know are hardworking talented people. It can be very difficult, though, to find that first employer that will take a chance on someone from another country. Could your company hire refugees? Where are you circulating job advertisements? Find a local resettlement center in your community and see if workers there can connect you with qualified workers.

  6. Tell a friend.
    This ministry is funded through a network of people who believe that each person is valuable and each person is loved by God. You can help us to grow our network. Share this website on social media. Host a dessert in your home or church to raise money for refugees in Austria.