The Hills are Closed
April 20, 2020
Church at the Lake
April 10, 2021
Photo: Car is full of our belongings as we move to our new home.

We have moved to our new home in Reutte!


We have bought a house.

We moved to Reutte at the end of August and are getting settled as best we can. One of our neighbors, who is an electrician, gave us a warm welcome and helped us to get a few lights installed so that we aren't sitting in the dark. We still don't have a kitchen, though, so we are basically camping until that can be installed. -Hopefully that will be in the next 6 weeks. The local believers have cooked meals for us and are bringing over food a couple of times a week. It is so touching to be taken care of this way by people who don't even know us.

We have been looking for a long time for a place to stay, and we decided to buy a house in a newly built development. We are the third family to move in. There are a total of 17 houses in the development, and we hope that the others will be sold soon.

We considered renting out our condo in Salzburg and renting an apartment here in Reutte, but we knew that if we did that, it would be like having one foot in Salzburg and the other foot in Reutte. Our heart would be split, and we may be tempted to turn back. So, trusting that God has led us to this new area, we sold our home in Salzburg. It was a very emotional and difficult decision. We have so many good memories in Salzburg and are leaving many good friends behind. We were encouraged, that the condo in Salzburg sold immediately, even though we had placed it on the market at a relatively high price. Not only that, but we were able to sell the condo for the same amount, to the dollar, as the new house. This shows us how God is providing everything we need for this next step.


Moving during the pandemic?

As we considered this move, we felt a bit like the Israelites standing outside the promise land, seeing the giants and the walled cities. They were afraid. Would we be able to sell our condo in Salzburg and find a place to stay in Reutte? Would we be able to raise the financial support necessary for such a big change with so many people unemployed and with all the churches being closed? Will we even be able to meet with people when we move? When the Israelites trusted God and stepped forward in faith, God guided them and showed them his power. We are trusting that God will be with us too.

We are seeing God provide though the sale of our condo, and providing the funds for the new house. The Corona crisis has also opened doors to talk with people about spiritual things. There is new interest in questions of life and death. People are asking themselves, "What is life all about?" God has prepared us to start this ministry at this special time, and we trust that he will also provide everything that we need.