The Hills are Closed

Reutte, Austria
March 10, 2020
Photo: Car is full of our belongings as we move to our new home.
September 1, 2020

We've been sheltering-in-place for the last 40 days and we are starting to get cabin fever! Small shops have re-opened for customers with face masks, but schools and churches are still closed.

We now have an Online church

Austria borders Italy, and the Coronavirus arrived here early on. Like many of you, we have been distancing for over a month now. We have been trying to work from home. We have been learning to communicate digitally. We are now streaming our German and Farsi church services.

It is not clear how long churches will remain closed. We expect that the earliest date for a loosening of church meetings could be in mid-May, but are preparing for a longer-term situation if necessary.

Everyone would prefer to be able to meet in person but, one benefit of going online is that we are seeing new people and some old friends that now live in different cities. Sometimes it takes a crisis to push us to innovate. Our teams are leading Bible studies on Zoom.

Home Production Studio

Teaching Remotely

Tabita is trying to keep in contact with kids and parents through online class meetings, email, telephone and good old print-outs and letters. It is especially important for these children that they continue to have contact with the school and continue to practice their language skills.

We are now homeschool parents

Ruben is 6 years old and in first grade. He is doing well but he needs constant encouragement to stay on task. (Who doesn't?!) He enjoys his math class, but he struggles with reading and writing. He was a week behind in German but after working hard he has caught up.

Wesley is 5 and is in pre-school. Home school for him means lots of playing. For us that means lots of UNO, SkipBo, stories and building projects.