Reutte, Austria

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February 10, 2020
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April 20, 2020

Pray with us as we consider moving to Reutte in western Tirol.


Is this the place?

We have been praying about our next ministry since summer last year. We think this may be the next step.

Reutte is in the far western corner of Tirol, Tabita's home state. About 33,000 people live in the district, with about 12,000 living in the main valley. An evangelical church was planted in the region in the early 1980s, but due to personal and theological disagreements, the church has basically died. Dave and Elli Heusser have asked us to join them re-plant a church, and we prayerfully headed in this direction.


We met Dave and Elli Heusser at the Meet and Change conference in October last year. This annual conference was started 40 years ago by church planters and pastors in Austria who needed encouragement and fellowship. We shared with them our vision and desire to plant a church for the next generation, and they shared with us their newest project in Reutte.

Dave's father was a Swiss missionary and was one of the first pastors in Reutte and Dave grew up in that church and has fond memories of his early discipleship there. When he was 14 his family moved to the next larger town about an hour away and planted a church there. As an adult, Dave returned to Switzerland, where he became a pastor and served in a church for seven years. He recently returned to Austria to work with young leaders and was heartbroken when he heard that the community where he grew up had basically come to an end. He started visiting the area to encourage those believers that remained in the area. In September, they moved to live there full time.

At first, Dave thought that all the believers there needed was some encouragement, but he has come to realize that it actually needed a church plant. That was more than he had anticipated, and he realized that he needed partners to join him.

As Dave and Elli shared their vision, we realized that we would make a great team. They were praying for someone to join them, and we were praying for the right place to serve. Also, our different gifts compliment each other. Dave is a strong networker and encourager, and Elli is a gifted worship leader. Gordy is an engaging teacher and strategist, and Tabita has a heart for children's ministry, for building community and for building organizational systems. We are looking forward to being able to do ministry as a team.


It all fits together like a plan.

When we shared with the boys that we would be moving, both of them started to cry.

They will miss their friends, their school, our home.

We explained to them that we want to tell the people in Reutte about Jesus. We told them how when we started our ministry in Salzburg there was no one else who could teach in Farsi, but how now we have trained so many of the brothers to teach and lead the group. They can continue the ministry in Salzburg when we leave.

I (Gordy) told them that at that time I couldn’t speak German, but now I can preach in German too. As Ruben heard that, he looked up at me and said, “It all fits together like a plan.”

We think that this is God's plan for us at this time. Please join us in prayer for Reutte. We are convinced that God is going to show himself.