Outreach with the German Church

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Over 100 people joined us for an Open Air Concert.

The church we work with has a Farsi congregation and a German congregation. We minister in both groups and work to bring Christians from all backgrounds together. The Farsi congregation is continuing to grow in faith and in ministry skills. We have a great group of leaders that are learning to preach, teach, evangelize and disciple. Training is a focus of our ministry. We host a Farsi language Bible School that serves Iranians and Afghans across Austria. Graduates of the school are serving in several churches and serve in different areas in our church. One of the brothers shared with me the other day, “Gordy, don’t take this the wrong way, but we don’t need you anymore. With the exception of the legal work, we can do everything in the church.” It is really true. We are so proud of our brothers and sisters who are taking on more responsibility and are learning to teach others and share God’s love with their own people. Many of our church now have asylum and are working full time. This is an answer to prayer, but also a challenge. Often times when people start to work, they struggle to find time to attend church. Pray for us that we will learn to balance our family and work lives with fellowship with one another and following Jesus.

The Austrian congregation is growing. For years, we have seen growth mostly on the Farsi side. It is great to see new believers coming to the German congregation and bringing their friends. Last weekend we had an outreach where we went out as a church and did a “Flash mob” singing a worship song in front of the local grocery store and in a nearby park. Afterwards, we invited people to an open-air concert at the church. Over 100 guests from the community joined us for the concert. It was great seeing several of the Farsi guys also participating in this.